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Make Your Night Runs Safer

Govivo’s 5 Tips to Safer, and Faster, Night-time Runs


Running has come a long way since the trend started in the 1970’s.

These days, people run during mornings, at lunchtime, in the afternoons, or more and more, at night. In fact, many runners will tell you that night time runs feel easier. It’s not unheard of for regular runners to shave off a minute or more off their usual times when running at night, without utilizing too much effort.

Whether you run at night because you’re just not a morning person or because you feel better without having to worry about work and the rest of the day, or simply because that’s what your circadian rhythm dictates, running at night does have its perks. Afternoons and early evenings are the times when the body temperature peaks and muscles are at their most supple. Lung function is also at least 6% better compared to any other time of the day. High-intensity late night workouts also equate to better sleep. And for those looking to shed some pounds, it will help you stay away from the fridge and eating bad food.

Unfortunately, night time runs also has its risks. Thousands of pedestrians are killed in traffic accidents every year, with approximately half of them happening at night. Thankfully, there’s a way to lower the risks and be safer.

Govivo, a company focused on health and fitness, offers the following tips to staying safe while on your evening run.


  • Run on the side of the road facing traffic.


It’s easier for drivers to see you if you’re coming from the front. Plus, it’s also easier for you to jump off the road when they still don’t.


  • Make sure you can always hear traffic.


Many runners use iPods or other audio devices while running. That’s fine, but make sure the volume is still low enough that you can hear oncoming traffic.


  • Wear clothes with reflective patches.


Light-colored running clothes aren’t enough. What you want is for motorists to see you so they won’t accidentally hit you.


  • Wear flashing lights.


Flashing lights attached to your clothes may not sound too attractive, but it can alert motorists to your presence and keep you safer. You may also consider headlamps.


  • Wear other reflective gear.


If flashing lights and headlamps make you feel like a Christmas tree, then consider other reflective gear like hats, belts or vests. Govivo actually manufactures one such vest that can go over any type of clothing and can fit any body type. The vest has a front-clasp that makes it easy to put on or remove, fully adjustable and won’t interfere with arm and shoulder movement. The 360˚ reflectors on the vest ensure you’re always seen by motorists.


Govivo’s line of running gear helps you achieve your fitness goals without breaking the bank. 


Image: Patty / CC BY-ND

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12 December 2014

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