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How to Get Your Partner to Exercise with You

Getting Your Partner to Work Out with You is Possible!


Sometimes, working out alone can be fun. I mean, I know people who use exercise time as “alone time”, too. A way to be quiet and just be with your own thoughts, sort of clear the mind and all that. But while there are those who prefer being by their self, there are also those who come home to the husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or partner who’s just lying on the couch, gorging on popcorn while binge-watching Netflix. It’s enough to make you question why you put yourself through all the workout pain you just did.

If you’re one of those who think your routine will be better with your other (better?) half joining in, these tips are for you. Whether you need them to join you for some stress relief, to help them lose the excess pounds or just so you get to spend some time together, these are better alternatives to straight nagging, bribing and insulting them to do it.

  1. Build Him (and Exercise) Up

Damaging anyone’s ego is not the way to go. That means guilting them to exercise with you by calling them a ball of butter won’t work. You may just be damaging the relationship because your partner may be emotionally soft, even if you don’t realize it. You want him to go with you on your workout, not run away all upset in a cloud of hurt.

So go the opposite route. Encourage instead of bringing down. Try,

  • congratulating him on doing small fitness challenges around the house
  • talk about how fit you both used to be
  • discuss future adventures you can have together after becoming fitter

You can also talk about getting healthy together. Just make sure you stay positive about it. Talk about your fitness routine and make it sound exciting so you can get him interested.

  1. Find a Way to Getting Motivated

It’s good to have a common goal – maybe doing a marathon or simply being able to run a mile or two together. But you also need to ensure you both stay motivated enough to see the goals through.

Some short-term rewards may work, like money or sex. Of course, longer-term rewards are better. You can ensure you get more of these by making fitness a part of your daily conversation. Talk about how sexy you’re both starting to look. Discuss the many other exercise options you can try as a couple, new foods to try, fitness methods to experiment with. Basically, make it a part of your life that it’s integrated into it completely.

Being fit together can spur more intimacy and this will make both of you maintain the desire to become even fitter. Win-win.

  1. Get Competitive

If all else fails, try a little competition. If you’re a lady, you can show your partner just how strong you’ve become from all the strength and circuit training you’ve been doing. You may never be as strong as a man, but you can show your partner that you are not afraid to get down and dirty and hopefully, that will make him think it would be fun to train with you.

marathon couple

  1. Work an Angle

Whether it’s about the money (“Hon, the gym offers a HUGE discount if you sign up with another person. We can save so much money!”), or the family dog (“You know the vet mentioned Buddy is gaining too much weight and that’s bad for his doggie heart. Maybe we can start walking him together?”), pulling on the heartstrings can get your partner moving.

Throw in how the gym has awesome deals on couple massages or that they have a humongous TV that shows sports right in front of the treadmills. Talk about some sweet health gadgets. The point is to find a way to lure him out of the house and into a fitness routine.

Working out alone can be awesome. But working out together can also be a great thing. It’s a way to connect physically and emotionally with your significant other. It may take time but don’t give up. The benefits can be big, not just for you but for your partner and your relationship as a whole.

Good luck!

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09 February 2015

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