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How to Get Plumper and Redder Lips the Natural Way

Get Healthy, Kissable Lips the Natural Way


A few days ago, I wrote about some remedies to ensure your lips stay hydrated and healthy even through the cold weather. In keeping with that, here are a few tips so you can have plumper and redder lips the natural way. If nothing else, it can keep you from going crazy when you can’t go out because of the cold and snow. And if you end up with Angelina Jolie or Kylie Jenner lips in the process, that can’t be too bad, either, right?

  1. Exfoliate

If you take great care to exfoliate your skin, then why shouldn’t you do the same for your lips? Exfoliating removes dead skin cells. It also promotes blood flow and circulation. So brushing and exfoliating your kissers is bound to make them look smoother, younger and even plumper than usual.

 The following can be applied on a toothbrush and used for lip exfoliation:

  • Vaseline
  • honey
  • sugar and water scrub

Just apply in circular motions then wipe off.



  1. Plumpers

Some natural ingredients work to naturally give you fuller lips. Among them,

  • Cinnamon – This spice helps stimulate lip capillaries. Find some cinnamon essential oil, add a drop to you lip balm or gloss and apply. There might be some tingling, but that usually goes away quickly. Bonus: your lips smell great, too!
  • Peppermint – Also improves circulation. Unlike cinnamon, however, peppermint has a cooling effect. Add a few drops of peppermint oil to petroleum jelly and substitute that to your lip balm.
  • Cayenne pepper – The easiest way is to just mix a small amount of pepper with water and apply it to the lips. If that doesn’t sound very appealing, try this mixture instead:


1 or 2 drops cayenne pepper essential oil

1 tbsp coconut oil

1/3 tbsp melted cocoa butter

20 drops sweet almond oil

Avoid the urge to use more cayenne pepper oil. It can sting.

Now, the above won’t give you lasting effects. But they should be good for a few hours at least.

  1. Exercise

Finally, if you can exercise and tone your muscles, you certainly can do the same for your lips. These lip exercises may need some persistence to get significant results, though, so don’t give up.

  • Whistle – Whistling 3-5 daily builds up muscles.
  • Pucker Up – Press your lips tightly together. Move your lips from side to side. Hold for 5 seconds on each side.
  • Smile – Smile wide and hold for 5 seconds.

The nice thing about exercising is it will tone your facial muscles and you get to have plumper lips the natural way. Just make sure you do these daily for at least a month or so.

  1. Hydrate

Dehydration will make lips look thinner because it shrivels up. So make sure you’re always drinking your fluids.

  1. Steaming

This one may sound weird. But it shouldn’t be so bad, really. All it entails is applying a layer of petroleum jelly (or honey) to the lips before taking a shower. The steam from the shower will help the jelly to penetrate the lips. As soon as you’re done showering, you can wipe the residue off.

There are a ton of chemical products that supposedly can help you achieve fuller lips. But if you want to err on the safe (and cheap) side, then these natural remedies are good, too!

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19 February 2015

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