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Decrease the Risk of Running at Night

How Reflective Vests Decrease the Risk of Running at Night


The dark isn’t without its dangers. This, unfortunately, is true for even simple activities like running.

Running when it’s dark means not being able to see the paths as well as in daytime. Not having a clear view of where one is going could result to tripping over rocks and branches and getting a sprained or twisted ankle. The uneven and cracked asphalt can be hell when it’s lighted, but doubly so when one can barely see it. Night runs can also be colder, increasing the need for warmer clothing.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should just quit any night time activity. There are ways to minimize the risks. There are plenty of precautions one can take to lessen the danger of running at dusk.

Govivo, dedicated to helping consumers in their product selections for a healthier and happier life, notes that running at dusk comes with one major setback, though- motorists may not see the runner. Police officers agree. The general consensus seems to be that people don’t think they need to turn headlights on as they feel they can still see enough. This has translated to hundreds getting hit accidentally. Thus the need to stand out more.

This was the idea behind the Govivo Reflective Vest. The vest provides high visibility with its 360˚ reflectors, ensuring the runner is always seen and therefore safer. It’s easy to use, with front clasps to make putting on and removing it a breeze. It’s also lightweight enough to go over any type of clothing. Running with a jacket to ward off the chill won’t be a detriment to putting the vest on. It can fit a wide range of body types, men or women.


Many runners nix the traditional reflective vests because they’re “ugly” and “doesn’t go well with anything.” Govivo doesn’t want safety taking a back seat to fashion and created a vest that is less conspicuous when put on – it’s just straps after all, but without sacrificing reflectivity.

So running at night? Make sure you run against traffic, choose a well-lit path, and always be visible. Govivo can help you with that.


Image: RunSociety / CC BY-SA

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09 December 2014

« The dark isn’t without its dangers. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize the risks. »

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