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5 Fun Couple Workouts

Fun Workouts Every Couple Can Do


Cuddling is fun. But couple quality time doesn’t always have to be in front of the TV set watching your favorite series or staying extra long under the quilts in bed on a weekend morning. QT can happen at the gym, too. And you know what? Studies back up the claim that over 90% of couples manage to stick with their fitness programs when they do it together.
So if you want to get fit, stay fit and actually get closer physically and emotionally with your better half, then consider working out together. You’ll get to motivate each other and learn new moves together.
Here are some fun couple workouts you can try.

1. Hook Squats
This is pretty much literally, a relationship builder. Because this move needs two people to do. It will help with resistance and support. And if at any time one of you stops, the exercise can’t be completed. So, motivation and support? Check and check.
How to do it:
• Stand back to back.
• Get into proper squat position- knees over ankles.
• Squatting together, walk clockwise slowly. Make sure you keep the squat position while circling.
• Complete a circle and hold to the count of 20.
• Reverse and walk counterclockwise.
• Do 3 repetitions.

2. Alternating Box Jumps
This exercise targets the hamstrings and quads. It’s a low-impact plyometric move that’s designed to strengthen the legs while boosting stamina.
How to do it:
• Find a stable surface with a height that’s comfortable for both of you.
• Face each other with the box between you.
• Taking turns, jump on and off the box in a squat position. You have to make sure you land lightly with every jump.
• Complete 15 jumps each, 3 sets.
You can also hold holds for added balance. And for extra tension, you can add a 3-pound dumbbell to each hand during jumps.
This exercise can also be done solo, but where’s the fun in that?

3. Push Ups
This workout staple targets the shoulders, chest, biceps, and triceps.
Traditional push-ups use the body’s own weight for resistance. For more opposition, the partner can place added weight on the back.
Or try the high five alternative. Face each other in the traditional push-up position. After pushing up, extend one arm straight out (not up) and give each other a high five.

push up

4. Swimming Stretch
This one’s a good alternative to a straight-up yoga session. This is meant to increase stamina and flexibility while working out the abs, glutes, hamstrings and lower back.
How to do it:
• Lie on your stomach, facing your partner head to head. Your arms must be outstretched with a slight overlap.
• Place your hands on top of your partner’s.
• To begin, lift your head, chest, arms, and legs.
• Anchor your chest to the floor and start using your legs in a swimming motion.
• Continue paddling for 5 long breaths.
• Lower your chest to the floor and switch hand placement.
• Repeat.
The partner’s rhythm and pressure help make this exercise harder. Do three sets.

5. Superman Wrestle
This exercise targets the lower back, butt, and hamstrings. If you have issues with your belly fat, this is a good way to kick it to the curb while also sculpting your legs and strengthening the lower back.
How to do it:
• Facing your partner, lie face down on the ground.
• Arms must be extended, with palms touching.
• Lift chest and face off the ground by a few inches. Keep your head up.
• Hold for 30 seconds before lowering.
• Do 3 sets.

Working out with a friend is great. With a significant other, even better. So get a move on!

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12 February 2015

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